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Chapter 767 of the laws of 2005 was signed into law on February 3, 2006, effective June 1, 2006 and amended by Chapter (44) of the laws of 2006 also effective June 1, 2006.

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Our charges are all-inclusive:

  • We prepare the legal notice.
  • We obtain designation of required newspapers from the County Clerk.
  • We place the notice in the designated papers to run six consecutive weeks each, following up to be sure the notices have begun and are correct.
  • We obtain affidavits from the papers, attesting to the fulfillment of the various requirements of the statute.
  • We draft a Certificate of Publication stating, under penalties of perjury, that we have run the notices pursuant to the applicable law and that the newspapers satisfy the requirements set forth in said law and the designation made by the County Clerk.
  • We file the Certificate of Publication, which includes the above statement as well as the two affidavits of publication, with the NYS Department of State.
  • Once filed, we supply you with the original filing receipt as well as copies of all documents filed.

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Servico, Inc. has been providing fast, accurate, reliable service in New York State to the legal community since 1924. When publication of legal notices for various entities began being required by law, we were there with that service immediately. Our courteous, efficient staff stands ready to assist you in many tasks.

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"We have utilized Servico for publication of newly formed New York State limited liability companies for years. They are very dependable, efficient and the service is excellent. It is a pleasure to work with Servico for publications and for other services."

Stephanie M. Keating, Esq.
Schwartz & Fang, P.C.

"Our office has been using Servico, Inc. for over thirty years and always experience outstanding service. The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of the government agencies they service and equally pleasant, courteous, punctual and professional while handling our various orders, including last minute requests. We recommend Servico, Inc. to any professional organization requiring agency services and continue to count on them as our exclusive agent in Albany."

Marc A. Winston
Managing Partner

"We have been a customer of Servico for many years. They have been our exclusive provider of business entity formations, publications, related document retrieval and other related matters. We have always been given responsive and courteous service. We have relied upon Servico because they have been consistent and timely in effecting the services that we request".

Camardella & Brown, LLC

The very first task I received in 1975 on the very first day at my new job was to organize a corporation. Fortunately, a friend gave me Servico's phone number. They held my hand then and I've been calling the friendly people at Servico for all my Albany Agency needs ever since. They are awesome

Samuel A. Stern
Angell and Blitzer
New York, New York